Our Process

Our 5-step process

We’re here to make the process of building your log or timber frame home as carefree as the life you want to live in it. Aeronautical engineer Kelly Johnson, who worked with complex designs and systems at Lockheed, is credited with coming up with the KISS Principle. The idea is that simpler systems work better than more complicated ones, so the goal should be to make simplicity the key and avoid complexities, or more simply put, “keep it short and straight forward.” We get that. And that’s why we have developed a five-step process to simplify the first steps of your journey.

From start to finish!

Building a log or timber frame home is much easier with a team of professionals who can provide the services that support the project from beginning to end. This hands-on approach allows our clients to benefit from the years of experience enjoyed by our team. The StoneMill design and project management team, in partnership with Creekside Construction, partner with you and your GC to assure your log and timber dream becomes a reality.

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Land Assistance


Design, Code Compliance and Engineering


Project Management, Project Scheduling, and Technical Assistance


Site Visit, Shell Erection, and Dry-In


Logistics and Turnkey Construction