Easy Deposit Options

Preliminary Design Option

This option is a low cost way to determine the total cost of a build by scheduling time with our design department to modify an existing plan or to create a custom plan. This preliminary design helps create a good faith estimate with concept drawings that can be submitted to a General Contractor for turn key budgeting. This investment will be applied toward the purchase of your log home when you commit to StoneMill.

Commitment Option (Most Popular)

This 10% down payment option is for those who are committed to building a StoneMill Log or Timber Frame home and have a basic idea of what plan they want to build. This gets you added to the design schedule and the first big step in creating your StoneMill Log or Timber Frame home. Once the preliminary design is approved, we then proceed with a stamped set of engineered “For Construction” drawings for you to start your foundation work. It also includes a “twelve month price lock.”

“Ready to Purchase” Build Option

This is a great path for StoneMill customers that want to build without any modifications to our standard home plans. The advantage of this option is that you get a 5% discount on all materials supplied in the plan. In addition, this option reduces design time, gives you full construction plans, and much shorter build time. A 10% commitment deposit is required if you choose this option.

Project Fast Track Option

This is the fastest option StoneMill has that greatly reduced design turn-around time resulting in receiving the final construction plans faster. You will also receive design and scheduling priority based on your desired log and timber frame delivery date. Faster design means you can start your foundation work sooner. This option requires a 50% material fabrication deposit to get started.