Log Home Packages

Essential Package

  • Pre-cut, 6”x12” Douglas Fir Logs, Dovetailed, Hand-Hewn or Planed Smooth, Insulated-Chinked or Log-on-Log Profile for exterior perimeter walls installed on owner-built sub-floor (includes installation hardware & bracing lumber)
  • Delivery to building site

  • For Construction Engineered Plans Provided with Residential Energy Calculations

  • Project Management Services for Package related items

  • Chinking (for insulated-chinked profile only) & Wood Treatment Package (for package only) – Material Only, No Installation

Essential Plus Package

  • Essential Package Inclusions Plus:

  • SYP Heavy Timber Girder & Girder Support Posts (incl. settlement jacks) for Second Floor System Installed. (Girder & Post size per plan & engineering)

  • Conventional 2x Floor Joists with Sheathing for Second Floor System Installed. (2x size & spacing determined by engineering)

  • SYP Timber 6×6 Porch Posts & 4×8 Porch Headers for Porch Rack Installed on owner-built porch decks.

  • 2x Conventional Framing or Conventional Pre-engineered Trusses with Sheathing for Roof & Porch Roof Systems Installed. (2x size & spacing determined by engineering)

  • 2x Pre-Framed Gables & Dormers Package Installed. (Not applicable with Pre-Engineered Trusses)

Premium Package

  • Essential Plus Package Inclusions With:

  • SYP Timber Second Floor Ceiling Beams to replace Conventional 2x Floor Joists for Second Floor System Installed (timber joist size & spacing determined by plan & engineering)

  • SYP Timber Roof and SYP Timber Porch Roof System (where specified per standard plan) to replace 2x Conventional Roof & Porch Roof Framing Installed (timber size & spacing determined by plan & engineering)

  • Timber Ridge & Rafter Roof System

  • Timber Porch Roof Rafters

  • 2” x 6” Roof & Porch Roof Tongue & Groove Decking

  • R-38 Roof Insulation Package including furring strips, 5/8” roof sheathing, and fastener

Note:  8” x 12” Log Walls available for both log profiles where needed to comply with local energy code requirements and where desired.  Contact your sales consultant for a written, good faith estimate on one of the above packages for your project.