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 It’s More Than Logs and Timbers – It’s Expertise


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Building a log or timber frame home is much easier with a team of professionals who can provide the services that support the project from beginning to end. Log and timber construction is a building industry unto itself and we are proud to offer our expertise to our clients across the country. At StoneMill, our experienced design, project management, and construction services assure your log and timber dream becomes a reality.

The StoneMill design and project management team, in partnership with Creekside Construction, offer these unique services to our clients. This hands-on approach allows our clients to benefit from the years of experience enjoyed by our team. Since 1998, StoneMill has worked closely with Creekside Construction to offer our clients onsite erection and dry-in services. Creekside’s skilled craftsmen travel the United States providing a level of service unparalleled in the industry.



What’s your aspiration in a log or timber home? A cozy, rustic cabin in the woods? A sprawling, spacious timber frame home for entertaining? A one-level log retirement home? A family residence with room to grow?


No matter what you envision, we can help you create the home you desire. The design phase is an exciting first step in your home-building journey. StoneMill’s award winning design team seeks to make that first step as smooth, and fun as possible.


Floor plans

Our team will create a log or timber frame plan that suits your lifestyle. We are happy to tailor our plans to meet your specific needs, use your sketches and ideas, or work with you to design a completely custom home.


Browse our collection of standard log home floor plans. You may find your ideal home or our plans may inspire you to start determining the features that you “must-have” and those that you would “like to” include.


Custom Design

Homeowners often have a unique vision of their ideal home. We can take your ideas and turn them into a custom home that reflects your vision.


Code Compliance

During the design process, our design team works with your county codes department to assure that your home will meet or exceed their code requirements.



Your build site may be subject to extreme weather such as heavy snow loads, high altitudes, or hurricane force winds, that require specific structural requirements. We work with structural engineers to review and certify that all specifications are acceptable for area conditions.


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Project Management

Managing every detail of the design-build process is a daunting task. From design schedules to facilitating logistics to coordinating with subcontractors, we make sure everything aligns in a timely fashion. Our experts take care of the details so you don’t have to.


Project Scheduling

We work closely with you and your general contractor to arrange when materials, crews, and equipment arrive, with regular updates on the project status.


Technical Assistance

Completing the construction of a log or timber frame home may be a new process for your general contractor. Our teams will consult with your contractor on any questions or issues that may arise.


Site Visit

Our project manager or a Creekside Construction manager visits each job site before logs ship. The site visit helps to identify and resolve potential issues such as site accessibility, before logs, equipment, and crews arrive, potentially saving time and money.


Building a log or timber frame home takes expertise specific to the industry. Creekside Construction and StoneMill have partnered in constructing log, timber frame, and hybrid homes across the continental United States since 1998.



It’s essential that homeowners are confident that their log home, timber frame home, or cabin is erected to endure for years to come. The dedicated Creekside Construction professionals travel the U.S. making sure that every StoneMill home is built to proper specifications and codes.



The Creekside crew will build your home to the dry-in stage. This means that your project is ready for your local general contract to complete the project.



StoneMill owns and operates the delivery and lifting equipment necessary to transport and erect your log home. This allows us delivery flexibility.


Turnkey Construction

We offer full turn-key construction services through Creekside Construction within a 50-mile radius of Knoxville, Tennessee. As your general contractor, we will handle all aspects of your construction project including permits, infrastructure, materials, inspections, and subcontractors through the entire design-build process.


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