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Green Building

The concept of green building isn’t new. In fact, the pioneer tradition of log homes—using renewable resources –is one of the many features of today’s green building. The National Association of Homebuilders is working hard to develop a nationally recognized residential green building standard, and educate its members and homeowners on the characteristics and benefits of building green. According to the Log Homes Council the “hallmark of ‘green’ is to use less energy, renewable resources, limit CO2 or ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions and create indoor environments free of mold, formaldehyde, carcinogens, and other allergens” Today’s Log Homes Go Green.


When you choose StoneMill Log Homes, you choose a log package manufacturer who shares your commitment to preserving the both American traditions and natural resources.

Ways in which StoneMill is Green

  • Log home timbers are a renewable resource

  • Log home packages are sold as kits with the bulk of building materials delivered at one time—consolidating delivery

  • Logs require less energy and less man-made materials than stick-built construction

  • Log walls serve both the structural and insulating needs of a home

  • The log wall and roof systems are engineered to eliminate air infiltration and moisture

  • Recommend ENERGYSTAR© windows and doors for maximum efficiency

  • Panelization of gables and dormers. Our pre-framed walls arrive at the site having already been built in a controlled environment thereby reducing errors and eliminating waste

  • Water based stains

  • Timber shavings utilized by other industries such as farming, garden centers, kindling, etc. Diverts waste from being placed in a landfill.

  • Package wood chips for use as fire starters—Easy Blaze Fire Chips



StoneMill's Traditional, Chinked Wall System Promotes Energy Efficiency

Natural Insulation

The natural cell structure of wood is capable of absorbing, holding, and then radiating heat back into a room. This property creates a time lag, delaying heat transfer, which then helps to maintain a consistent temperature for a longer period of time. For example, the summer heat from the day is stored in the logs and released into the interior during the cooler evening, reducing the demand on your HVAC system.

Engineered Insulation

In addition to the natural insulation of wood, StoneMill Log Homes was the first in the industry to introduce a special notch and seal insulation system into its chinked, log structure designs. The Styro-Seal system helps prevent air infiltration between logs and chinking, and provides extra support for log walls. Three inches of non-toxic, rigid EPS insulation is inserted into this unique groove cut into the top and bottom of each log. After the drying-in period of your home, an additional 1/2" of EPS insulation is inserted into both sides of the Styro-Seal joint prior to application of permanent chinking. This creates an extra tight seal between the logs.

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