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Getting Started

The first step in log home ownership is determining what type of home would best suit your needs. Make a list of all the features you need and want in your new home. For example, how many bedrooms and baths are necessary? Do you want a one story or multi level? What other 'must haves' like a garage, porch or basement, do you want?

StoneMill Log Homes offers many award winning designs from cozy, traditional log cabins to spacious, two-story mountain retreats. Or, you may want to work with our StoneMill design team to alter an existing plan or custom design a plan. Custom cutting to fit your specifications is our specialty (at no extra charge).

There are four initial steps that must be completed before construction of your new StoneMill Log Home can begin:

  1. Obtain a free log home proposal from StoneMill on the plan you intend to build. This proposal lists the material, delivery and erection/dry-in costs included in the log package.
  2. Work with StoneMill to finalize your plan and develop your blueprints. A small drafting deposit and signed drafting contract are required to begin the blueprint process, but this deposit is credited to the purchase of your StoneMill Log Home.
  3. Get estimates on the completion of your home from a contractor in your area, or if you plan to do the work yourself, obtain material and labor estimates from other suppliers and subcontractors to determine the finished construction costs.
  4. Arrange for permanent financing and for a construction loan. Please call us if we can be of any assistance. We routinely provide information on recommended lending institutions.

When you complete these four steps, sign the original copy of your StoneMill Log Home package proposal and return it to us with your cut deposit for down payment as stated in the proposal. When the signed proposal and cut deposit are processed, you will be put on the StoneMill Manufacturing priority schedule, and we will advise you of an estimated delivery date when you complete your foundation. Contact StoneMill today at 1-800-438-8274. We want to help get you started on the pathway to log home ownership.

From the Simple Life Reading Room ... One of Our "Must Read" Log & Timber Frame  Home Articles that will help you find the Log or Timber Frame Home of Your Dreams!

Weather Considerations not Usually Considered in Home Design and Construction
By Kim Elmore, PhD in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma

As a meteorologist who specializes in severe weather, Kim Elmore thought long and hard as his log home was designed. In this article he discusses mainly wind survival (such as tornados and hurricanes).

A historic Tri-Cities tornado of March 18, 1925 a tornado passed over many log homes. Subsequent research showed that these homes typically remained intact, losing only their roofs. All other homes were typically destroyed. Some of these homes remain intact to this day. Local residents attributed log home survival to their spiked construction and heavy log walls.