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Creekside Construction

The Design-Build Process


Dovetail-cornered, rectangular style log homes—the signature look of a StoneMill Log Home.  Wouldn’t you want your builder to specialize in the erection and dry-in of such a home? We thought so. That is why in 1998, StoneMill Log Homes began working closely with Creekside Construction, Inc. to offer a complete Design-Build Process for their customers. When you choose Creekside, you no longer have to worry if your construction team has the experience and familiarity needed to assemble your log structure correctly.

Creekside Construction is StoneMill Log Home’s first choice in erection and dry-in services for their log home systems. Contact your StoneMill representative for more information.


On-Site Consultation & Technical Support


For customers who wish to construct their StoneMill log home package with a local sub-contractor or a crew of their own, Creekside Construction offers on-site consultation and technical support. The expertise of an on-site Creekside consultant assures the successful and efficient start of your project. The technical support helps to eliminate any potential mistakes that may occur from a local crew inexperienced with StoneMill materials.

Technical support is also available for the ‘do-it-yourself’ customer who plans to perform the shell erection and dry-in on the log dwelling.


For pricing and complete details on how Creekside Construction can help in the construction of your StoneMill log home, call today 1-800-438-8274.

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It was quite a process choosing a company. After narrowing the choices down to the last few, what set your company apart was that you offered erection services through Creekside Construction and were able to bring your crew to our site.
Creekside really knows what they’re doing. They were professional, hard working, and extremely polite.

Bill & Diana Graham
Avoca, IA